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SADCR Newsletter, March 2021

Post by Manuel_Estrada » April 2nd, 2021, 9:13 pm

    Vol. 11, Issue 3 - March 2021
        One Week Lockdown Issued After Inmates Tamper with Yard Equipment
        • By Mason Spencer

          This month, the Facility was put into a week-long lockdown. A large metal beam, previously supporting a bleacher within the Yard, had been tampered with and forcefully removed.

          The safety of the Facility had been affected as this beam could be used by inmates within a fight, either against fellow inmates or our officers. It was deemed essential by the Deputy Warden, Kenneth Parson, to enforce an immediate lockdown of the Department A and B Housing Units until the beam was recovered.

          All Officers available were paged to the Facility, where they were tasked to search every cell within the Housing Units to determine the location of the beam.

          Since the lockdown, the Yard has been permanently closed to inmates until neccessary repairs have been completed on the bleacher to make it safe for use. As an alternative, the Gym has been in operation to allow inmates time to exercise in their usual schedule.

          We aim to restore regular Yard activities by the end of this week, depending on when the bleacher is repaired. It is always our main priority to give inmates as much physical activity as required to keep them healthy and in a positive mindframe.
          • Resignation of Associate Warden Roosevelt Bailey
            Sadly, Associate Warden Bailey handed his notice of resignation to Warden Estrada at the beginning of this month, after many years of service and dedication to the Department. He truly was an inspiration to other officers, bringing back the Crisis Response Team into operation and updating years old policies and procedures. He will be missed by all, we wish you the best of luck in your future!

            Captain Miller Steps Up as Facility Captain of SACF
            After the departure of Associate Warden Bailey, Captain Miller was assigned as the Facility Captain for SACF. She now has an administrative duty over the Division of Custody Operations, being responsible for all officers within the facility. We wish her the best of luck in her new assignment!

            SADCR Welcomes New Officers
            After a successful Basic Correctional Officer Academy, number 112, we are proud to announce that we will have two new Cadets joining the Department as Correctional Officer I's. We hope you will join us in wishing them the best of luck in their new career here.
                • March 23rd
                  At approximately 22:55 hours, an inmate was heard shouting by on-duty Officers from within the A1 Housing Unit. Upon finding the source of the noise, Officers were met with an inmate that had been stabbed. The reason behind the stabbing are still unknown, however investigations are taking place to gather more information. The inmate in question is in a stable condition within the Infirmary.


                  • Image Sergeant > Image Lieutenant
                    • #25593 - Andre Dukes

                    Correctional Officer I > Image Correctional Officer II
                    • #25754 - Marceline Grace

                    All (bulk) promotions work in accordance to the Promotion System guidelines. If you believe you should have been promoted but weren't, contact your relevant superior with your concerns.

                  • Welcome to the monthly CompStat for Month Year. The CompStat system was first adopted in law enforcement use by the NYPD in 1994. Its purpose was to track down crime, pinpoint it, and thus be able to methodically and accurately root out violent crime in the city. Since then, CompStat has expanded to differing purposes and different departments throughout America. The SADCR tracks the following occurrences to target improvement of the allocation of the department's resources:
                    • —Staffing (Increases/decreases in employment levels)
                      —Violent Crime (Class I CRC Offenses)
                      —Contraband (Amount of contraband confiscated on facility grounds)
                      —Lockdowns (Amount of times the facility entered lockdown in a month)

                    March 2021 CompStat recordings:


                    • FACILITY ADMINISTRATION
                      • Image WARDEN - 1
                        Image DEPUTY WARDEN - 1
                        TOTAL: 2 (8.7%)

                      COMMAND STAFF
                      • Image ASSOCIATE WARDEN - 0
                        Image CAPTAIN - 1
                        TOTAL: 1 (4.3%)

                      SUPERVISORY STAFF
                      • Image LIEUTENANT - 2
                        Image SERGEANT - 3
                        TOTAL: 5 (21.7%)

                      CUSTODY STAFF
                      • Image CORRECTIONAL OFFICER III - 3
                        Image CORRECTIONAL OFFICER II - 2
                        CORRECTIONAL OFFICER I - 9
                        RESERVE CORRECTIONAL OFFICER - 1
                        TOTAL: 15 (65.2%)

                      DEPARTMENT TOTAL: 23

                    Violent Crime

                    • —2 occurrences of (1)01. Murder
                      —2 occurrences of (1)02. Attempted Murder
                      —0 occurrences of (1)03. Assault with a Deadly Weapon
                      —6 occurrences of (1)04. Assault & Battery
                      —0 occurrences of (1)05. Rape
                      —0 occurrences of (1)05. Torture
                      —0 occurrences of (1)06. Hostage Taking
                      —0 occurrences of (1)07. Possession of a Firearm
                      —0 occurrences of (1)08. Possession of an Improvised Weapon
                      —0 occurrences of (1)09. Manufacture of a Dangerous Weapon / Device
                      —0 occurrences of (1)10. Arson
                      —0 occurrences of (1)11. Riot
                      —0 occurrences of (1)12. Attempted Escape
                      —0 occurrences of (1)13. Escape
                      —0 occurrences of (1)14. Introduction of Contraband
                      —0 occurrences of (1)15. Possession of Contraband With Intent to Sell


                    • WEAPONS (UNIT: ITEMS)
                      • —Knives/Shanks/Blades recovered - 0
                        —Improvised explosives recovered - 0
                        —Blunt impact weapons recovered - 0
                        —Firearms recovered - 0
                        —Other items recovered - 0

                      • —Marijuana recovered - 0g
                        —Cocaine recovered - 0g
                        —Heroin recovered - 0g
                        —Xanax recovered - 0 pill(s)
                        —Alcohol recovered - 0 ml

                    • MISCELLANEOUS
                      • —Money recovered - $0
                        —Cellphones recovered - 1
                        —Other items recovered:
                        • 1 tattoo gun
                        • 1 metal beam

                    • Lockdowns for March 2021:
                      —0 Lockdown Code Blacks
                      —0 Lockdown Code Reds
                      —1 Lockdown Code Yellow

                  (( The San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is not responsible for the roleplay style of inmates, the above figures are in no way shape or form a representative of the IC "effectiveness" of the SADCR, or any other faction operating within SACF. The overwhelming majority of the time, inmates are caught with their crimes. ))
                    • Due to illness, there is unfortunately no Warden's message this month.

                      MANUEL ESTRADA
                      WARDEN OF SACF
                    The mission of the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is to ensure the security of state prisons and the safety of offenders and staff. The Department plays a vital role in the criminal justice system by rehabilitating offenders in order to decrease recidivism and create productive members of society. The Department provides offender management services that protect the community from habitual offenders.

                    The monthly newsletter is intended for sworn and civilian employees and those interested in the activities of the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. It is published by the Press Secretary and contains content prepared by OPEC Officers and other Department employees. For any questions, comments, or concerns, contact the Press Secretary.
                    Warden Manuel Estrada | Press Secretary George Dixon

                  WARDEN MANUEL ESTRADA
                  Chief Executive Officer — Facility Administration Office
                  Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation — "Public Safety, Public Service


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