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SADCR Newsletter, January 2021

Post by Manuel_Estrada » February 5th, 2021, 7:36 pm

    Vol. 11, Issue 1 - January 2021
        Inmates Assault on Correctional Officers at SACF
        • By Mason Spencer
          Correctional Officer III

          On the 24th January, 2021, at approximately 8:20 p.m. Correctional Officers responded to a fight that had occurred within SACF. Three inmates assaulted another inmate and eventually absconded from the scene, barricading themselves in a cell.

          Medical staff responded and began treating the injured inmate who suffered from stab wounds, lacerations, and possible broken bones. The inmate involved was taken to the prison’s medical facility for a higher level of care.

          The barricaded inmates refused to follow lawful commands, less-lethal measures were used after the inmates began attacking Correctional Officers during a cell-extraction attempt. Additional officers immediately responded to the scene.

          The names of those suspected to be involved in the attack are not being released due to the ongoing investigation.

          There were no serious injuries among the inmates and the Correctional Officers.

          Inmates involved will be rehoused as appropriate, including being placed in the Administrative Segregation Unit. The Office of Special Services was assigned to investigate the attack.
          • Basic Correctional Officer Academy #110
            Back over the Christmas period, we opened our recruitment to those who were interested in becoming a Correctional Officer within the Department. Seven lucky candidates made it through the intense recruitment process, along with the twelve-week training sessions to earn their position within the Department. We wish them luck in their journey here at the SADCR!

            New Captain appointed at SACF
            Cassidy Miller was recently promoted to the role of Captain within SACF. She joins Captain Bailey as the Command Staff of the Facility, supporting the Facility Administration and Custody Roles.

            Captain Miller joined the Department back in 2010, at the age of 25. Progressing the ranks, she was promoted to Sergeant in 2014, also joining the Office of Adult Parole Operations. Before receiving her next promotion to Lieutenant, she was appointed the Parole Administrator for SACF following Lieutenant Callaghan's resignation from the post in late 2015.

            Clearly showing potential and dedication to the Department, she achieved the position of Lieutenant in 2016. Working hard within the Facility and OAPO, she was then promoted further to Captain on the 4th January, 2021, also stepping up to the Commanding Officer role for OAPO.

            We wish her all the best in her new role and we have all our confidence in her after seeing her progression, motivation and dedication over the last 11 years.

            New Watch Sergeant appointed at SACF
            Edwin Mercer, aged 37, was also promoted this month to the position of Sergeant. He was awarded Officer of the Month in his first month of service 2 years ago, a proud achievement that he remembers in stressful situations. This shows his capability and mentality to the Department to be issued this award.

            Sergeant Mercer was also awarded the Purple Heart for injuries that he sustained whilst on duty attempting to handle a violent situation. This just goes to show his bravery and dedication to his duties within the Facility.

            We wish him all the best in his new role and look forward to sharing more achievements with him.
            • January 5th
              At around 20:55, whilst Officers were watching from within the Control Room, they saw a group form of White and Mexican Inmates. A fight occurred between the two racial groups, with an Improvised Weapon being involved.

              January 10th
              At 2058 hours, a group of inmates were walking round the yard before attacking another group of inmates. An improvised weapon was found on the scene.

              January 11th
              At approximately 1945 hours, a brawl occurred between a number of inmates. Officers neutralized the threat in a non-violent way, taking control of the situation.

              January 14th
              At 20:50, on duty officers had prepared to open the workshop facility. Inmates were ordered to form a line at the door leading to the hallway. Upon doing this, a racial riot broke out, with another Improvised Weapon being used within the attack. Officers quickly seized control of the situation and apprehended all involved suspects.
              • January 15th
                At approximately 1650 hours, two inmates were spotted charging into a cell within Department A1 with improvised weapons, inflicting life threatening stab wounds to inmates. An investigation was initiated by the Office of Special Services.

                January 17th
                At approximately 2200 hours, two inmates started to attack another inmate within the Department. After a few punches were thrown, more inmates from different races got involved, creating a huge brawl within the middle of the department.

                January 24th
                At 20:20 hours, three inmates attacked another inmate. Said inmate lost consciousness immediately when the Officers arrived into the unit, with the initiating inmates running off to their cells.


                • Image Lieutenant > Image Captain
                  • #25489 - Cassidy Miller

                  ImageCorrectional Officer III > Image Sergeant
                  • #25665 - Edwin Mercer

                  ImageCorrectional Officer II > ImageCorrectional Officer III
                  • #21780 - Mason Spencer

                  All (bulk) promotions work in accordance to the Promotion System guidelines. If you believe you should have been promoted but weren't, contact your relevant superior with your concerns.
                  Officer of the Month - January 2021

                  Correctional Officer III Mason Spencer

                  For the month of January, Correctional Officer III Mason Spencer is awarded the Officer of the Month. As a transferee, Correctional Officer Spencer had an exemplary start with the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, not only in the field but also administratively. One officer has stepped above and beyond the rest, shown an excellent level of dedication, and motivation. We wish you nothing but success in your career.

                    • Welcome to the monthly CompStat for Month Year. The CompStat system was first adopted in law enforcement use by the NYPD in 1994. Its purpose was to track down crime, pinpoint it, and thus be able to methodically and accurately root out violent crime in the city. Since then, CompStat has expanded to differing purposes and different departments throughout America. The SADCR tracks the following occurrences to target improvement of the allocation of the department's resources:
                      • —Staffing (Increases/decreases in employment levels)
                        —Violent Crime (Class I CRC Offenses)
                        —Contraband (Amount of contraband confiscated on facility grounds)
                        —Lockdowns (Amount of times the facility entered lockdown in a month)

                      January 2021's CompStat recordings:


                      • FACILITY ADMINISTRATION
                        • Image WARDEN - 1
                          Image DEPUTY WARDEN - 1
                          TOTAL: 2 (7.4%)

                        COMMAND STAFF
                        • Image ASSOCIATE WARDEN - 0
                          Image CAPTAIN - 2
                          TOTAL: 2 (7.4%)

                        SUPERVISORY STAFF
                        • Image LIEUTENANT - 3
                          Image SERGEANT - 3
                          TOTAL: 6 (22.2%)

                        CUSTODY STAFF
                        • Image CORRECTIONAL OFFICER III - 4
                          Image CORRECTIONAL OFFICER II - 1
                          CORRECTIONAL OFFICER I - 8
                          RESERVE CORRECTIONAL OFFICER - 4
                          TOTAL: 17 (63%)

                        DEPARTMENT TOTAL: 27

                      Violent Crime

                      • —3 occurrences of (1)01. Murder
                        —3 occurrences of (1)02. Attempted Murder
                        —0 occurrences of (1)03. Assault with a Deadly Weapon
                        —25 occurrences of (1)04. Assault & Battery
                        —0 occurrences of (1)05. Rape
                        —0 occurrences of (1)05. Torture
                        —0 occurrences of (1)06. Hostage Taking
                        —0 occurrences of (1)07. Possession of a Firearm
                        —4 occurrences of (1)08. Possession of an Improvised Weapon
                        —0 occurrences of (1)09. Manufacture of a Dangerous Weapon / Device
                        —0 occurrences of (1)10. Arson
                        —2 occurrences of (1)11. Riot
                        —0 occurrences of (1)12. Attempted Escape
                        —0 occurrences of (1)13. Escape
                        —0 occurrences of (1)14. Introduction of Contraband
                        —0 occurrences of (1)15. Possession of Contraband With Intent to Sell


                      • WEAPONS (UNIT: ITEMS)
                        • —Knives/Shanks/Blades recovered - 6
                          —Improvised explosives recovered - 0
                          —Blunt impact weapons recovered - 0
                          —Firearms recovered - 0
                          —Other items recovered - 0

                        • —Marijuana recovered - 4.5g
                          —Cocaine recovered - 0g
                          —Heroin recovered - 0g
                          —Xanax recovered - 0 pill(s)
                          —Alcohol recovered - 0 ml

                      • MISCELLANEOUS
                        • —Money recovered - $0
                          —Cellphones recovered - 1
                          —Other items recovered - 2

                      • Lockdowns for January 2021:
                        —0 Lockdown Code Blacks
                        —0 Lockdown Code Reds
                        —3 Lockdown Code Yellow

                    (( The San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is not responsible for the roleplay style of inmates, the above figures are in no way shape or form a representative of the IC "effectiveness" of the SADCR, or any other faction operating within SACF. The overwhelming majority of the time, inmates are caught with their crimes. ))
                      • The month of January was a tough one. We welcomed in the new year, and left the old one behind. 2020 was a hard year for a lot of people, including officers in our department. I believe that we've gotten through this as a team, and I am so proud of all of you for the continued hard work through trying times.

                        The facility has seen an increase in violent crime, so I would like to remind all staff this month to stay vigilant. We all want to get home to our families after every shift. Things are looking good for the future, however. I have managed to secure extra funding for those who take on extra work within our different Offices. I urge you to explore new opportunities within the department if you haven't already done so.

                        All the best for the next month.

                        MANUEL ESTRADA
                        WARDEN OF SACF
                      The mission of the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is to ensure the security of state prisons and the safety of offenders and staff. The Department plays a vital role in the criminal justice system by rehabilitating offenders in order to decrease recidivism and create productive members of society. The Department provides offender management services that protect the community from habitual offenders.

                      The monthly newsletter is intended for sworn and civilian employees and those interested in the activities of the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. It is published by the Press Secretary and contains content prepared by OPEC Officers and other Department employees. For any questions, comments, or concerns, contact the Press Secretary.
                      Warden Manuel Estrada | Press Secretary George Dixon

                      WARDEN MANUEL ESTRADA
                      Chief Executive Officer — Facility Administration Office
                      Dept. of Corrections & Rehabilitation — "Public Safety, Public Service

                      ALSO LIEUTENANT GEORGE DIXON

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