Complaints Against SADCR Staff

Section to report instances of misconduct committed by employees of the San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Complaints Against SADCR Staff
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Complaints Against SADCR Staff

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    • The San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation expects its officers to carry out their jobs in accordance with the guidelines we present to them and for them to work to the best of their abilities.

      However, as the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is responsible for all its officers and their conduct, we are open to any reports of misconduct committed by any staff members. We aim to keep the integrity of the department as high as possible, something which is not possible without feedback from both civilians and staff members.

      We therefore encourage to report any misconduct or protocol breaking by our officers, so we can work to improve the department even more. Received reports that are found grounded and have provided sufficient evidence will be acted upon, the action depending on the report itself and the severity of the actions carried out by the officers.

    • In order to report an incident involving a SADCR officers, you are required to file a Complaint Form in physical or digital form and forward it to the Office of Internal Affairs. Physical copies of the complaint shall be forwarded to the following address: San Andreas Correctional Facility, 1860 Deadman's Road, Bone County, SA 212.

      (( If you don't have an SADCR forum account or do not wish to register, send the report to Cashew on the LS-RP forums. Otherwise, send all reports to the IAU account. The Office of Internal Affairs only deals with in-character reports. ))

      Once the complaint has been received and reviewed, it will be determined whether to pursue an investigation or not. In cases where an investigations is required, the Office of Internal Affairs will proceed to assess the situation and establish whether the officer has acted in accordance with the department policies and procedures.
    • When the investigation is completed, the complaint will receive a conclusion. Depending on the outcome, there are four types of conclusions a complaint can receive:
      • Sustained. The investigation conclusively proved that all or most of the alleged violations did occur and that they were in breach of policy or law. Sustained cases are forwarded to SADCR Facility Administration Staff for direct review and disposition.
      • Not Sustained. The investigation could not conclusively prove whether or not the alleged violations occurred.
      • Exonerated. The investigation conclusively proved that the alleged acts did occur, but that they were in compliance with policy and the law.
      • Unfounded. The investigation conclusively proved that the alleged acts did not occur.
    • Upon completion of the investigation, the reporting person will be notified in writing of its conclusion. Depending on the case, the reporting person might be provided with details in regard to the investigation, however the SADCR Office of Internal Affairs reserves the right to keep such information confidential.
    • Code: Select all

      [size=130][b]COMPLAINT FORM[/b][/size][/center]
      [divbox=#000000][color=#FFFFFF]A. REPORTING PERSON[/color][/divbox]
      [list=none][b]A1.[/b] Reporting Person Full Name: 
      [b]A2.[/b] Reporting Person's Address:
      [b]A3.[/b] Reporting Person' Phone Number:
      [b]A4.[/b] Reporting Person's Agency (if applicable): 
      [b]A5.[/b] Reporting Person's Rank (if applicable):
      [b](( A6.[/b] Reporting Person's LS:RP Forum Name [b]))[/b]: [/list]
      [divbox=#000000][color=#FFFFFF]B. REPORTED EMPLOYEE[/color][/divbox]
      [list=none][b]B1.[/b] Reported Employee Name:
      [b]B2.[/b] Reported Employee's Rank:
      [b]B3.[/b] Reported Employee's Badge Number:
      [b]B4.[/b] Detailed Description of Employee: [size=85](To be used if name and/or badge number of the employee are unknown.)[/size]
      [divbox=#000000][color=#FFFFFF]C. INCIDENT INFORMATION[/color][/divbox]
      [list=none][b]C1.[/b] Date & Time of Incident: DD/MMM/YYYY HH:MM
      [b]C2.[/b] Location of Incident:
      [b]C3.[/b] Description of Incident: [size=85](Description of the incident should include a detailed narrative of the events. Ensure that the report is complete and understandable to maximize response times and facilitate the beginning of the investigation. Information about witnesses should also be included here.)[/size]
      [b]C4.[/b] Evidence of Incident: [size=85][b](([/b] Usage of SACF CCTV and/or SADCR vehicle dashcams footage as evidence means you will include your own screenshots. Failure to provide screenshots of the incident means that  SACF CCTV and/or SADCR vehicle dashcams did not capture the incident. Screenshots are to be [i]unedited[/i] for them to be valid; only exception is for server staff members (admins / testers). Chatlogs can only be used to supplement, but they [i]do not[/i] replace screenshots.[b]  ))[/b][/size][/list]
      [divbox=#000000][color=#FFFFFF]D. CERTIFICATION[/color][/divbox]
      [list=none]I understand that this report may result in an internal investigation into the conduct of a San Andreas Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation employee. I understand that investigators may be compelled to release certain details of the case that might reveal my identity. By submitting this form I certify that the information contained in this report is true and correct at the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge that filing a complaint with malicious intent  or with false information is a misdemeanor as described in the San Andreas Penal Code (4)07. Filing a False Complaint.[/list]
      [divbox=#000000][color=#FFFFFF]E. REPORTING PERSON SIGNATURE[/color][/divbox]
      [list=none][i][u]SIGNATURE HERE - (REQUIRED)[/u][/i][/list]
      [center][color=darkgrey][b][size=85]CONFIDENTIAL - INTERNAL AFFAIRS USE ONLY[/size][/b][/color]