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by Elizabeth_Marshall
March 21st, 2017, 6:54 pm
Forum: Resignations Archive
Topic: See ya'll later.
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See ya'll later.

I'm really not too sure what to put here to be honest...

But uh, just wanna say that I had a wonderful time within the faction and that it amazes me to see how far it's come along. Keep up what you guys do and have a good one!


Sorry Nora.
by Elizabeth_Marshall
February 13th, 2017, 8:30 am
Forum: Resignations Archive
Topic: Goodbyes aren't always forever.
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Re: Goodbyes aren't always forever.

Woohooo finally have the house to myself LOL, Just playing man, I've known you for quite sometime and hope that you hop in game from time to time to hang out a bit, but if not I completely understand bud! Take care of things IRL first most important thing to do! See ya buddy!
by Elizabeth_Marshall
December 31st, 2016, 7:24 am
Forum: Reception Desk
Topic: [OOC] Request Forum Namechange
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Re: [OOC] Request Forum Namechange

Current name: Elizabeth Baker
New name: Elizabeth_Baker
Reason for request: Applying for SADOC.